Between Port Macquarie & Kundabung
Mid North Coast

Pacific Highway Upgrade, Oxley Highway to Kundabung

Pacific Survey were engaged by Lendlease when they were awarded the $590m, 23km Oxley Highway to Kundabung section of the Pacific Highway Upgrade.

They selected Pacific Survey to provide the survey experience, quality, safety and environmental management systems to undertake these works. This knowledge of Pacific Survey was formed on their previous history of working with our team on numerous other large road and transport projects.

Initially our surveyors were responsible for early works survey tasks such as topographic and detail surveys to aid design work and marking of clearing limits, sensitive environmental, cultural and heritage sites. Much of this work was carried out in very dense vegetation and difficult terrain and again our staff were highly praised for their efforts in very demanding conditions. Works have now progressed onto bulk earthworks and drainage structures. Throughout all of these processes our surveyors are guided by documented work processes that satisfy the RMS surveying, quality and safety specifications.