Luddenham to Glenmore Park
Western Sydney
CPB Contractors
Work In Progress

The Northern Road Upgrade, Eaton Road to Glenmore Parkway – Stages 5 & 6

Pacific Survey have been engaged by CPB Contractors to provide construction surveying services for the 13km upgrade of The Northern Road along with delivering the Preservation of Survey Infrastructure (POSI) component of these projects, relating to the construction activities and the survey marks infrastructure that may be damaged or destroyed during construction activities.
The project involves the upgrade of the existing two-lane, The Northern Road, to a generally four-lane divided road (with some areas up to three lanes and a bus lane in each direction), separated by a central grassed median, with provision for future widening to eight lanes, including slip lanes and upgrades to intersecting streets.

Stage 5 (TNR5 $173m) of The Northern Road upgrade project will upgrade road infrastructure between Littlefields Road in Luddenham and Glenmore Parkway in Glenmore Park, including upgrading 6.7km of road from two lanes to a divided four-lane alignment, with the provision of kerbside bus lanes at each intersection.

Stage 6 (TNR6 $118m) involves The Northern Road upgrade between Eaton Road and Littlefields Road. CPB Contractors will upgrade 3.6 km of existing two-lane road to deliver a four-lane divided road, upgrade 2.5km of local arterial roads and adjust public utilities.